Morteza Karimzadeh



  • Objective of Project : The MCN is a EU FP7 Large-scale Integrating Project (IP) funded by the European Commission. It’s objective is to lead the way from current mobile networks to a fully cloud-based mobile communication system and to support on-demand and elastic provisioning of novel mobile services.
  • Research Contributions : I have contributed to different work packages and tasks of MCN project. Namely, I collaborated in various research and development activities such as RANaaS, ICNaaS and MOBaaS. I proposed several solutions for integrating ICN concept with EPC, as well as, DMM approaches for supporting Mobility Management in decentralized structures.
  • Team leader and Service Owner : I was leading a research team, with members from Univ. of Twente, Univ. of Bern, One Source company,Telecom Italia and Fraunhofer institute with the main focus of developing an architecture called MOBaaS (Mobility and Bandwidth Availability Prediction as a Service), that can be implemented in cloud-based mobile network structure and can be utilized as a support service by any other virtualized mobile network service.
  • Project Meetings :
    • 2nd General Assembly Meeting, Paris, June 2013.
    • WP3 & WP5 Joint Meeting, Sofia, September 2013.
    • 3rd General Assembly Meeting, Berlin, November 2013.
    • 1st Developer Meeting , Winterthur, February 2014.
    • 4th General Assembly Meeting, Sofia, May 2014.
    • 5th General Assembly Meeting, Lisbon, June 2014.
    • 6th General Assembly Meeting, Berlin, November 2014.
    • 4th Developer Meeting, Madrid, May 2015.
    • 7th General Assembly Meeting, Regensdorf, May 2015.
    • Final Demonstration Meeting, Berlin, January 2016.