Morteza Karimzadeh


Master Students

  • Luca Valtulina, “Seamless Distributed Mobility Management (DMM) Solution in Cloud Based LTE System”,  November 2013. PDF-Icon
  • Triadimas Arief Satria, “Seamless Service Continuity in Cloud Based LTE System”,  November 2013. PDF-Icon

Bachelor Students

  • Stephen Geerlings, “Measurements for the Paranoid-The Effect of Encrypting Files in Cloud Storage”,  Janurary 2014. PDF-Icon

Internship  Students

  • Zhaleh Yekta, University of Paris 8, “Future Robot Networking”,  August 2016.
  • Runxue Bao , University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), “Mobility Management in 5G Network”,  September 2016.